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Channeling Healing Energy Through Art

What is ZABBA Creations and what exactly does ZABBA mean? Let me first share a brief backstory about myself and how this all started. My name is John Weiss and I currently reside in Overland Park, Kansas.  I have come into what I believe to be my true purpose, which is to help people heal through earth energy and bring about awareness of Spirit that exists in and around ALL of us. The primary means for accomplishing my Spirit-directed mission is through art. I came into this relatively late in life, but like a trusted adviser recently told me, everything is about Divine Timing, and like a baker I have spent many years in the kitchen playing with dough and sugar and various ingredients making a bit of a mess, and now I’m putting it all together making spiritual cupcakes…

My journey started in earnest about 10 years ago when I heeded a call to Spirit. Around that time I had a wake-up call: A heart attack… I had a choice at that time to either pull the plug on the whole thing or pursue the mission… I chose the MISSION!  So here I am 10 years later making unique works of art for people through a powerful channeled connection with Spirit. These unique works of art run the gamut from Spirit Sticks, to Gnome Houses & jewelry, to Orgonite objects, photography, and now I’m pulling it all together to create what I call “Orgonite Artwork”. I’m sure many of you are familiar with orgonite, but I bet you haven’t seen any orgonite artwork. CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve seen it here first! I won’t take up space describing Orgonite, but a simple Google search will tell you everything you need to know. I put a unique twist on it by incorporating Orgonite elements into all my paintings and infuse them with earth energy to create what I like to call “Good JuJu Generators”. Hang that puppy on your wall or mantle, and it creates a safe container for the whole space. Unless you tell someone, people will just think you have a taste for fine art and they’d never know that the peace and harmony they feel is emanating from that artwork!

             Orgonite artwork example

So what about the name ZABBA? I’ll get to that momentarily… But first, let me share where the healing component comes in? Although the artwork I create has powerful earth juju, the most powerful pieces are created for a specific person by tapping into their energy and providing them with a very specific healing message and energy signature just for them. To accomplish that, I conduct a rune reading for the client and then craft the artwork based on a Spirit-directed message that dictates color, context and meaning. From there I tap into (channel) Spirit and add elements and/or colors to pull it all together. This is the case for any type of art I do, but Spirit has been particularly strong when I do on-the-spot “pour paintings” for people. Pour painting, (aka fluid art), is simply an artistic method in which paint is thinned to a honey-like consistency and “poured” or drizzled or dragged and swiped across a canvas or other surface and then manipulated to allow the various colors to mingle, merge, diverge, flow, etc to create a one-of-a-kind piece of abstract art that contains images and colors that are Spirit-directed and are always meaningful to the recipient. Embedded in the piece I add various “orgonite” elements that imbue the object with earth energy. The foundation for my work surface is a hollow stump I call “Stump-O-Magik” that houses a couple very powerful crystals and is charged with powerful earth energy. Gaia herself gets involved by directing her earth energy through that stump into the creation of the artwork… This is the part where ZABBA comes in.

On-the-spot Spirit Painting example

My backyard is an absolutely magical place. Suffice it to say there is a lot going on back there with a faery portal and garden, gnome village, dragon energy as well as a vortex transmitting pure earth energy. The guardian of that vortex is a divine feminine goddess energy inhabiting a tree called “Zena”. Zena is the source of much of my inspiration and leads a host of tree energies residing in my yard. Each tree has given me their names, starting with Zena, then Arunna, Baak, Barnabus, Artemus, and finally a dwarf peach tree called Fae. (Barnabus is the only exception since he is actually a deer skull that they adopted). Zena resides right off my back deck and I consult with her on a daily basis while meditating under her. One day I was vexed over what to call my business and had some rather uninspired clique names in mind, so I stood under Zena and asked for her help in coming up with a meaningful business name. Almost immediately the answer came with somewhat of an exasperated sigh… She said: “why don’t you name your business using the first letters of all our names since we are much of the source of your inspiration”… WOW! It took me all of 10 minutes of moving letters around to come up with “ZABBA”. What happened to little Fae you ask? Well,,, when I got the business name from Zena, I hadn’t as of yet gotten Fae’s name and was just starting to work with the faery portal that I had just became aware of beneath her… Quite a story there,,, but suffice it to say that Gaia and Pelee sent me powerful messages just before and during a trip to Hawaii and pointed out their connection to me through that portal…

Zena overseeing the Gnome Village and an apacheta that transmits vortex energy

                                     The Faery Portal

Stump-O-Magik over the vortex charging up Barnabus and other stuff

   Chatting with Gaia at Maui, Hawaii

Call me Earth Boy! I run a successful booth at Spirit Fairs and sell various shamanistic art pieces, but my bread and butter is creating on-the-spot Spirit Paintings for people. In that capacity, I energetically engage with the client, perform the rune reading which dictates the nature of the painting, and the client takes home a unique work of art to go along with their reading. Their artwork is safely stored in a pizza box to prevent damage to the painting or a mess as they carry it home. I offer this service to go along with themed parties and events, bringing with me all the necessary paint supplies and paraphernalia as well as the Stump-O-Magik to work off of. I am currently working on a model to host “painting parties” in which everyone can get in the act. Kids in particular have a great time with an activity like this, and are natural artists who have not yet taken on the burdens of adulthood and the associated self-limiting beliefs…


In summary, what I have to offer is a direct connection to earth energy straight from Gaia that is imbued into all sorts of spiritual artwork and crafts. Several of my pieces are being used on a daily basis by Reiki Masters and healers using a variety of modalities. Several shaman and spiritual practitioners have my works adorning their alters, offices and homes. Feedback I receive consistently is that all these pieces are extremely powerful and filled with healing magic. The pictures simply don’t do them justice, which makes marketing a bit of a challenge, so what I will say is this: Call or email me to chat and see what I may be able to do for you. If you’re not completely satisfied with anything I create “with” you, return it for a full refund. Can’t beat that, right???

With Light & Love,

John Weiss